Our areas of specialisation

Areas of law in which we have specialised. Find the detail about the one you need.

Migration law

Migration law is an area of law that covers the change of residence and domicile of a person.

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Civil law

Civil law can safely be called the most universal area of law.

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Deals with real estate

In Spain, real estate transaction support is one of the most popular services provided by a lawyer.

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Administrative Law

Administrative law in Spain regulates the work of public bodies and officials.

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Commercial law

Doing business in Spain has some distinct advantages over many other countries.

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Urban Development

Urban planning law is a comprehensive branch of law that regulates all urban activities in the state.

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Labor Law

Labour law is the area of law that regulates relations in the area of employment.

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Criminal Law

In general, Spanish criminal law can be called one of the most progressive and democratic.

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