Civil law

Civil law

Civil law is the most universal area of law. Whereas, for example, labour law deals only with those involved in labour relations, and migration law only regulates issues related to relocation or mobility, civil law is applicable to all people without exception.

It regulates a wide range of issues relating to social relations, both of a pecuniary and personal nature. Civil law is based on important principles such as the equality of participants, the inviolability of property and freedom of expression.

The scope of application of civil law is very wide and varied. I would like to mention the main areas in which I specialise as a lawyer and a specialist in Spanish civil law:

  • Divorce proceedings (dissolution of marriage, division of property, recovery of alimony, child custody matters);
  • Inheritance in Spain (drafting wills, contesting wills, advising on inheritance and gift taxes);
  • Intellectual property (all matters relating to copyright);
  • Civil litigation (drafting of claims and counterclaims, representation and defence in court);
  • Contracts (drafting, editing and reviewing contracts of any kind, challenging contracts, bringing to liability for non-compliance with contract terms);
  • Property and monetary relations (recovery of property from unlawful possession, recovery of debts under a loan agreement).

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