Urban Development

Urban Planning

Urban planning law in Spain is a complex branch of law regulating any urban planning activity in the state and also involves administrative, civil, land, financial, environmental and criminal law.

The services I provide as a specialist in Spanish urban planning law are quite varied and include both matters relating directly to urban planning law as well as matters of other branches of law (insofar as they relate to urban planning).

Demolition orders (legal assistance in the preparation of a set of documents for demolition, challenging the order for demolition and restoration of the legal status of the disputed object, demolition of the object);

Town-planning licences (obtaining licences, challenging refusals to obtain licences, legalisation of construction activities, changes in activities implemented on the site);

fines and sanctions in the area of town planning (challenging);

Administrative litigation and processes (appeals and court actions, suspensions of administrative and court enforcement decisions);

land holdings (subdivision and merger processes)

expropriation (expropriation of developable land in urban or rural areas, expropriation of land on which economic activities are carried out)

property valuation (carrying out valuations, disputing valuations);

criminal law (legal defence in case of charges of urban planning offences);

environmental protection (preparation of any relevant documentation);

housing (disputes with unfair sellers and builders of real estate in case of failure to commission the object, claims in case of construction defects);

other legal services in the area of town planning.

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