Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Administrative law in Spain regulates the work of public bodies and public officials, defines the conditions and manner in which they perform their functions and includes the rules and regulations that govern their interactions with citizens (in the broadest sense of the word). In simple terms, administrative law is responsible for ensuring that all public bodies and officials duly fulfil their official duties and, when dealing with private persons, comply with all instructions and procedures prescribed by law and comply with all formalities.

It is well known that no state machinery works perfectly, so mistakes and violations in this area are quite frequent. There are many reasons for this. It may be a human factor: inattention, laziness or simply incompetence of an official. It could be a technical error, such as a glitch or flaw in the software used. And worst of all: intentional misconduct, where an official fails to fulfil his or her duties in good faith or exceeds his or her authority deliberately. Unfortunately, foreigners with poor Spanish language skills have a particularly good chance of getting into such a situation.

I know from myself and many of my clients how frustrating it is to be treated unfairly by those who should be protecting your rights and interests. But remember, any action or decision that does not meet the standards of the law, may be challenged, it is important to do it legally correct and in due time. In this case, You may need the help of a lawyer, a specialist in administrative law.

I offer my clients the following services in the following areas of administrative law in Spain:

  • Taxation (disputes with tax authorities, challenging tax collection decisions);
  • Damages caused by public authorities (prosecution for inaction, compensation for material and moral damages);
  • Consumer rights;
  • Insurance (disputes with insurance companies in case of refusal to pay on insured event);
  • Road traffic (negotiations with insurance companies in cases of accidents and road accidents, disputing traffic fines);
  • And contestation of any other decisions and non-regulatory acts on the part of state structures.

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