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Support for real estate transactions

In Spain, real estate transaction support is one of the most sought after legal services. The rich culture, the friendliness of the locals and the status of the warmest European country have always attracted tourists and immigrants alike, which explains the stable high activity on the real estate market.

As in most other countries, real estate transactions in Spain are characterised by a complex and multi-stage process, which is further complicated in the case where one of the parties to the transaction is a foreigner. Given this complexity and the high financial risks, legal assistance in such cases is never redundant. And in the case that you do not speak fully in Spanish, you cannot help but have the service of a Russian lawyer to accompany the real estate transactions.

Working as a lawyer on the Costa del Sol, I have gained vast experience in this field, because the region is extremely high demand for housing of any type. I can offer my clients a complete service, not only following the deal but also preceding and solving any legal problems that may arise afterwards.

My services are those of a solicitor for real estate transactions in Spain:

  • Participating in negotiations with property owners, with development companies and with banks selling seized property or acting on behalf of the owner of the seized property.
  • Clarification of administrative matters and important points of legislation relevant to the transaction. Checking the agreement for compliance with my client's interests and editing the agreement if necessary.
  • Checking of legal clearance of property: confirmation or verification of seller's title, information on past owners, checking for encumbrances, tax debts and utility bills.
  • Drafting of property reservation contracts.
  • Providing interpretation and translation services.
  • Notary certification of transactions.
  • Negotiating and contracting with property insurance companies and utility providers.
  • Legal assistance in negotiating the terms of a mortgage loan and at the stage of conclusion of a mortgage agreement.
  • Advice on Spanish real estate taxation and related transactions.
  • Assistance in opening a Spanish bank account. Assistance in obtaining a foreign national number.
  • Representation before judicial institutions in the event of litigation against neighbours, and litigation against condominiums.
  • Drafting of real estate lease contracts. Legal support for the eviction of tenants for non-payment or breach of their obligations.

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