Migration law

Migration law

Migration law is an area of law that covers the change of residence and location of a person and his or her movement. If you have more or less decided to tie your life to the Kingdom of Spain, the first thing you will have to do is solve a number of issues relating specifically to immigration law.

The most popular service of a lawyer in this area is assistance in obtaining a residence permit or so called permiso de residencia (residency). On the Internet there is a lot of information about the different types of residence permits in Spain, as well as detailed instructions on how to obtain each of them. But it is worth remembering that the law is not limited to a one- or two-page instruction, there are many nuances related to the personal situation of each applicant and determine the final package of documents, in addition, it is very important to respect the timing of the application.

I specialize in the issuance of the following types of residence permits in Spain:

  • Residence permits without the right to work (autorización de residencia temporal no lucrativa) by accrediting sufficient funds;
  • Residence permits with the right to work (autorización de residencia temporal y trabajo por cuenta ajena) with an employment contract;
  • Residence permit under Law 14/2013 (autorizaciones reguladas por la Ley 14/2013), this type of residence is available to several categories of applicants;
  • Residence permits for business immigrants (autorización de residencia temporal y trabajo por cuenta propia);
  • Residence permit by settlement (autorización de residencia temporal por circunstancias excepcionales por arraigo), in this case one has to prove continuous residence in Spain for a certain period of time;
  • Residence permits for students (autorización de estancia por estudios);
  • Residence permits for family reunification (autorización de residencia temporal por reagrupación temporal); I also help in the extension of existing residence permits.

In addition, I assist in cases of detention and confiscation of a passport due to violation of the visa regime. I know it is a very unpleasant situation, but it is not hopeless. In this case, the involvement of a lawyer accompanying you to the police station and protecting your rights and interests can be very important.

I also advise and help you to obtain citizenship.

Many years of practical experience in immigration law and a good knowledge of the workings of the relevant authorities will enable me to maximise the chance of a positive response to any application. However, you should bear in mind that the final decision on granting residence permit or citizenship is taken by the state authorities, so no lawyer can give a 100% guarantee in these matters (and I strongly advise to be wary of those who do).

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