Labor Law

Labour law

Labour law is the area of law which regulates relations in the area of employment. In simple terms, it is all those laws that relate to the relationship between the employee and the employer, as well as the other parties involved in the working relationship (trade unions, employers' associations). For my countrymen in Spain, this area of law is of particular interest, as the vast majority of them are either looking for work or already have an employment relationship, or have a length of service in Spain that entitles them to certain social security benefits.

Although Spanish laws in this area are quite transparent and well thought out, and in most cases enforced, you must remember that they may differ significantly from the laws you are familiar with in other countries, in addition, you may misunderstand or misinterpret them, especially if you do not speak Spanish very well. In this case, the help of a Russian lawyer is very useful, especially at the stage of concluding a work contract or when applying for social assistance. In this way, you can protect yourself from possible difficulties in the future.

Also, an employment lawyer will be able to help you in case of disputes, conflicts or simply unfavourable situations for you in the employment relationship.

As a specialist in Spanish employment law, I provide my clients with the following services:

  • Review, editing and drafting of employment contracts;
  • assistance in the processing of disability, pensions and unemployment benefits in Spain;
  • resolving conflicts at work;
  • Protection of workers' rights in case of insolvency of the employer;
  • support in cases of accidents at work, determination of the employer's liability;
  • Challenging unlawful dismissals, recovery of compensation;
  • Representation and protection of your rights and interests in proceedings involving the Labour Inspectorate.

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